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External PhD: Training Doctoral Education registration process

Doctoral Training: registration process for external Doctoral Candidates from LIST, LIH, LISER and MPI
Courses concerned: Doctoral Programmes and Transferable Skills Training

Eligible participants

Depending on the number of remaining seats, courses are also open to visiting candidates and candidates at the Luxembourg research institutes (LIST, LIH, LISER and MPI). 
Our Doctoral School Courses (including the Transferable Skills courses) are available on our Moodle platform, which is only reachable by the students / Doctoral Candidates of our University (for security reasons).


We kindly ask you therefore to follow the steps laid out below in order to get access to Moodle:

1.    Send an email requesting an access to Moodle for TS courses to the TS Team;
2.    TS Team will validate your registration and send you an email with your Moodle logins;
3.    You can then log into Moodle (see below). Please don’t forget to log in once in a while.

How to register to TS courses on Moodle:

1.    Click on Doctoral Education;
2.    Click on Transferable Skills Training; choose the current semester;
3.    Click on Enrollment request section to access the detailed information of the courses and to fill in an enrollment request form for the chosen course;
4.    If you are selected (first come first served basis), you will receive a confirmation email and given access to to the course.

How to register to courses of the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering:

1.    Click on Doctoral Education;
2.    Click on Doctoral School in Science and Engineering;
3.    Choose a Doctoral Programme and click on it;
4.    Click on List of Courses (if you click on it for the first time, you are asked to enrol: click on enrol me);
5.    Review the courses by clicking on the red PDF button (opens a PDF with a course description)
6.    To register: click on the green registration button to finalise your registration;
7.    Click on Answer the questions and follow further instructions.

If you have further questions, contact the DSSE administration.