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Exam enrolment and progression winter semester 2020-2021

published on 10 December 2020

To inform decisions related to exam enrolment and progression of the winter semester 2020/21, the following guiding points should be considered:

  1. Communication of exam modality: The default setting of winter exams is the remote format. The full details of the exam modality must be communicated to students at least 4 weeks before the exam date (Règlement des études, art. 38 (2)).
  2. Unenrolment from an exam: The current deadline for exam unenrolment is 14 December 2020.
    • Students can use the current deadline to withdraw from an exam if the exam modality is communicated before 14 December 2020. After this date, the student is definitely enrolled in the exam.
    • For exams whose remote modality is communicated after 14 December 2020, the students will have 7 days to withdraw from the exam. The right to withdraw from the exam and the deadline for the unenrolment should be mentioned in the communication of the exam modality or soon afterwards by the teacher or programme director. If such a deadline is not defined or communicated to students, all students who do not show up at the exam are automatically excused.
    • For changes in the modality of the continuous assessment: Students have the right to withdraw from continuous assessment by 14 December 2020, if the change in the modality is communicated by 14 December 2020, or within 7 days if the communication comes after 14 December 2020.
  3. The attempt at exams that a student does not pass (grade <10) is counted in the maximum number of attempts at a student’s disposal. Students with four failed attempts can no longer complete the course.

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