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Talk! Humanities: are Humanities in crisis?

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Publié le lundi 10 juillet 2017

The humanities and social sciences have a vital role to play in our society.
They contribute to the global conversation by helping us understand others through their languages, histories and cultures.
In the same time, they are facing new challenges and struggle to prove their importance in a world run by numbers and fast-growing technologies.

Are the humanities in a crisis? How can they fight their corner inside and outside the academic world? How can they reach out to the community? Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Professor in Literature, Stanford University, Georg Mein, Dean of the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education at the University of Luxembourg and Luwdig Neyses, Vice-President for Research, acting President of the University of Luxembourg, debate these questions in the first episode of Talk! Humanities.



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