Guiding Principles

The principles detailed on this page guide the development, design and implementation of the Student Course Evaluation.


Freedom of Expression


The FHSE encourages freedom of expression and constructive feedback. Practicing and protecting freedom of expression is fundamental to a healthy culture of dialogue.


Anonymity and Confidentiality


The FHSE protects the anonymity of individual respondents and the confidentiality of their responses. Protecting the anonymity of respondents and the confidentiality of their responses on course evaluations is imperative and necessary to encourage and guarantee the free expression of views.


The Physical and Mental Safety of Members of Staff and Students


The FHSE protects the physical and mental safety of members of the University community. In the context of the Student Course Evaluation, this includes the investigation of any misuse of the Course Evaluation platform for threatening or discriminatory purposes.


Scientific Rigour and Empirically Validated Design


The FHSE is committed to providing fair and scientifically sound evaluation of courses offered in the Faculty. For this reason, the design and implementation of the Student Course Evaluation is carried out with scientific rigour and applies established psychometric and sociological methods to guarantee the integrity and validity of the data produced


 Transparency of Procedures and Trust


The FHSE favours open dialogue about the Student Course Evaluation and its implementation. In order to guarantee transparency and develop a culture of trust, the implementation of the Student Course Evaluation abides by the ROI (Règlement d’ordre intérieur), Luxembourgish law and the Rules and Regulations document detailing the different steps involved in collecting, processing and disseminating the Student Course Evaluation data.


This document is freely available to students and staff and was developed by the CE Team in collaboration with the Board of Course Directors of the FHSE.