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What do our PhD candidates say?

Jakub Gren, PhD candidate in Political Sciences, Lawyer at the European Central Bank




The doctoral school provided a stimulating academic environment for my research and personal development. During the political science seminars organised by the doctoral school I had the opportunity to meet professors and other fellow students, and to discuss my research problems with them.

The training improved my soft skills which I could use during my job interview and which I am now using in my work. The doctoral school also supported my three-month field study abroad, where I was able to collect further empirical evidence to support the quality of my PhD research. On the top of this, it served as a hub to bring together PhD students from different institutes and research units. 














Irma Hadzalic, PhD candidate in Educational Sciences




The doctoral school gave me the unique opportunity to spend three months at the Federal University of Parana in Brazil. Besides learning how to work in a different setting and with many Brazilian academics, I was able to consult various Brazilian archives, which ultimately made me rethink my PhD project and bring it to a higher level.

I am happy to say that I still keep in touch and exchange ideas with the professors and archivists I have met in Brazil and that a nice outcome of that collaboration was the publication of my paper in the Brazilian journal "Revista de História e Historiografia da Educação.” I am very thankful for this opportunity that has brought me nothing but great personal and academic experiences!













Alessandro Decarli,  PhD candidate in Psychology




Being enrolled in the doctoral school allowed me to participate in three different workshops and deepen my clinical skills, necessary to complete my current research projects. I benefited from generous financial as well as logistic support through the doctoral school, which would have been hard to receive at any other universities.

Attending workshops and teaching classes gave me the opportunity to translate into practice what I have learned so far as well as transferring my knowledge and skills to others.