Contacts Utiles

Dean: Katalin Ligeti


Vice-Dean - Academic Affairs: Arnaud Dupuy

Head of Research Committee: Benny Mantin

Head of Faculty Administration: Hugues Nicolay


Dean’s Office Manager: Anne Berger

  • Dean's and Vice Dean's Assistant: Anne Berger
  • Personal Assistant to the  Head of Department of Law: Vera Tordai
  • Personal Assistant to Head of LCL and Department of Economics and Management: Jackie Brown
  • Personal Assistant to Head of the Department of Finance and Partnership Development: Stéphanie Metry


Compliance and Quality Unit - Team Leader: Hélène Langlois


HR Partner


Academic Affairs – Vice Dean: Arnaud Dupuy

BSc & MSc - Coordinator: Maristella Fatichenti 

Doctoral School & Other Study Programme - Coordinator: Julie Fonseca

Doctoral School and Other Study Programme Administrators


Faculty Administration – Head:  Hugues Nicolay

Grant Management and Finance Unit - Team Leader: Mariane Huard

  • Grant Management
    • Research Facilitator: Jasmin Rani Sinha
    • Research Facilitator: Keith Wirrell
    • Research Facilitator: Dejan Hribar

Advancement – Team Leader: Anne Dandeville

Operation - Team Leader: Hugues Nicolay (interim)