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Allen & Overy Fellowship and Scholarship

The Luxembourg office of the law firm Allen & Overy is offering a fellowship and internship opportunity to two high-potential Bachelor students within the Department of Law: one outgoing exchange student and one incoming exchange student who is a citizen of an EU Member State.

Eligible candidates will be nominated by the Study Programme Director and will be interviewed by a selection committee. The academic performance, motivation and character of the candidates will be considered in the selection process.

In addition to a scholarship grant of 5000€ per student, the students will have the opportunity to participate in an internship programme at Allen & Overy’s office in Luxembourg. Moreover, fellowship students will benefit from additional mentoring and soft-skills development provided by Allen & Overy, such as resumé writing and job market advice, participation in networking events, and invitations to industry conferences and seminars. 

Allen & Overy also offers internship and mentoring opportunities to other high-achieving students in their third and final year of the Bachelor in Law. These candidates will be nominated by the Study Programme Director, before being invited to a hiring interview by Allen & Overy.



Candidates are eligible for the fellowship programme if they are:

  • committed to undertake their studies in the Bachelor in Law at the University of Luxembourg,
  • exchange students at or from the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance,
  • citizens of Luxembourg or of a Member State of the European Union,
  • residing, or will reside, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or in the Greater Region of Luxembourg, and
  • demonstrating financial need 



Candidates will be nominated by the Study Programme Director, and will be invited to submit the following documents (in English, French or German) with their application:

  • a letter of motivation,
  • a curriculum vitae, including a copy of their diplomas, certificates, and any official supplements to these,
  • a justification of the financial revenues of their parents/persons having parental authority, which must be confirmed by a copy of the tax income declaration of the previous tax/financial year,
  • their civil status,
  • proof of residence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or in the Greater Region of Luxembourg, and
  • a certificate of registration at the University of Luxembourg.



The award of the scholarship will be made according to the following criteria:

  • academic performance
  • general effort and progress of student in his/her academic performance
  • the ethos of the applicant.


Applications for the 2023-2024 period must be submitted by email to allen&