Over the last few years, partnerships with companies have been actively sought out, in order to anchor the new fields of research more firmly within areas that offer significant potential while ensuring the participation of external experts and access to expertise and data that is useful in this research. The FDEF has gained the support of ATOZ for a Chair in International and European Tax Law, that of SES for a Chair in Space, SatCom and Media Law and that of ADA for a Chair in Financial Law, specialised in Inclusive Finance. Among others, privileged partnerships have been established with the EIB, UBS, CEPS/INSTEAD and STATEC.

Privileged partnership



Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce: Following on from the success of the establishment of the Luxembourg Business Academy asbl and the foundation of the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the University of Luxembourg signed a four-year privileged partnership programme in 2014. The partnership is aimed at further developing Business Education within the University of Luxembourg based on research and development, educational programmes, knowledge transfer and exchange, and internships. The Chamber of Commerce and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance are both committed to enhancing student experience on existing programmes, supporting academic and professional exchange, as well as supporting research and teaching in Business Education, especially in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, business administration, accounting and audit, and other topics related to Luxembourg’s economic attractiveness. The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce was first founded in 1841 and continues to defend the business interests of its members today.


Chairs funded by third parties



ADA Chair:Specialised in inclusive finance, Luxembourg non-governmental organisation ADA in 2014 signed a memorandum of understanding with the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance to fund the ADA Chair in Financial Law (Inclusive Finance). The Chair will contribute to teaching and research activities in the field of inclusive finance, with a view to giving the University of Luxembourg international visibility in this area. Annual conferences, publications and the launch of executive programmes in financial law relating to inclusive finance also form part of the cooperation. ADA stands under the patronage of Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, providing a range of sustainable banking products and financial services to poor populations, helping them finance their activities, save money, provide for their families and protecting themselves from everyday life risks.




ATOZ Chair: Advisory company ATOZ and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance in July 2009 signed an agreement for the creation of a Chair for European and International Taxation. The ATOZ Chair aims to provide high quality teaching and research in the areas of international and European tax law, as well as connecting the Faculty with some of the challenges the Luxembourg economy is facing. Prof. Werner Haslehner in June 2015 was appointed the second ATOZ Chair, succeeding Prof. Alexander Rust. ATOZ is an independent Luxembourg-based advisory company offering a range of tax and corporate implementation services in sectors ranging from, but not limited to, private equity and real estate to venture capital, and consumer goods and services




SES Chair: In 2010, the University of Luxembourg and global satellite operator SES S.A. entered into a partnership with the aim of developing Luxembourg as a centre of excellence and innovation for advanced Information Communications Technology in satellite systems. Prof. Mahulena Hofmann in September 2011 was appointed SES Chair in Space, SatCom and Media Law at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, which forms a key part of this collaboration, contributing to existing media law research by integrating space law and global telecommunications issues. Additionally, the Chair works with the University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT). SES S.A. with its network of 54 geostationary satellites, teleports and offices around the globe, reaches around 99% of the world’s population, providing solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers worldwide .

Private partnership



Clifford Chance: The Luxembourg branch of multinational law firm Clifford Chance supports the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance through a generous annual contribution to finance the FDEF’s moot court teams. Moot courts allow law students to practice and train their research and advocacy skills by presenting them a hypothetical case, with arguments presented to a panel of judges. Students from the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance take part in a number of international moot court competitions every year, with great success so far. Clifford Chance opened its Luxembourg office in 2000 and today counts a team of 70 lawyers and eight partners, with particular strengths in the areas of M&A and corporate investment funds, regulatory, capital markets, finance and tax, but also offering services in real estate, employment, litigation and dispute resolution.


Institutional partnerships



Barreau de Luxembourg: The Luxembourg bar association (Barreau de Luxembourg) serves its members, the legal profession and the public by defending the rule of law and advancing professionalism in the field. It counts 2,500 registered lawyers, defending the rights of their clients. The Barreau de Luxembourg actively supports the Faculty's "Clinique du Droit" clinical teaching programme for Master students in law, as well as a number of other activities benefitting the Faculty's students and the wider academic community.




European Investment Bank: The European Investment Bank Group (EIB), which also includes the European Investment Fund, and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance cooperate in a number of areas, such as internships, teaching and research but also training of EIB staff, publications, and other professional collaborations and joint institutional initiatives. The mutually beneficial partnership helps both the EIB and the FDEF build on each other’s expertise and resources, profiting from each other’s proximity in the Luxembourg context. Founded in 1958, the EIB works towards implementing EU policy by providing finance and expertise for sound and sustainable investment projects. The European Investment Fund, specialised in SME risk finance, was established in 1994.




LISER: In October 2012, LISER and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance agreed to cooperate on the development of PhD training. In particular, LISER agreed to host and supervise PhD candidates registered at the UL’s Doctoral School in Economics and Finance. When a PhD candidate is hosted by LISER, LISER’s researchers act either as a thesis co-supervisor or as a reference person. Through this joint development of PhD candidates, a wider collaboration of researchers of both institutions is encouraged. LISER is a Luxembourgish public research institute under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Its research focus lies in the field of social and economic policy including the spatial dimension.




MPI Luxembourg: The collaboration between the Max Planck Institute (MPI) and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF) started in 2012, the year the Institute was established in Luxembourg. The collaboration came naturally as both institutions aim at creating a lively and attractive environment for research and teaching, and more specifically for law. To reach this common goal, MPI and FDEF created links through exchange of expertise and knowledge, and by working together on research projects and teaching. Among other activities, they work together on supporting young academics in law to help foster the next generation of researchers. For example, PhD candidates at MPI are encouraged to enroll at the FDEF’s Doctoral School of Law. The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law started its work in autumn 2012. This Institute is the first Max Planck Institute on legal matters outside of Germany.




STATEC: The cooperation agreement signed in December 2012 between STATEC and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance has the objective of promoting research studies related to the Luxembourg economy and its specificities. In particular, both parties agreed on cooperating on the training, hosting and supervision of PhD candidates. PhD candidates at the UL’s Doctoral School in Economics and Finance can be hosted by STATEC, with STATEC’s researchers acting either as a thesis co-supervisor or as a reference person. STATEC is the National Institute for Statistic and Economic Studies of Luxembourg. It coordinates the statistic system of Luxembourg. STATEC aims at producing statistical data, analysis and studies giving a detailed, reliable and objective picture of Luxembourg society.