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Seminar speakers published in top journals

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Publié le mardi 18 décembre 2018

The LSF’s seminar series has hosted scholars from leading universities in the world so far this academic year, with exciting guests expected in 2019.

Thanks to generous funding from the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) under the RESCOM scheme, the LSF has been able to raise the level of its seminar series to that of the very best finance departments worldwide. The seminars are an opportunity to bring thought-leaders from around the globe to Luxembourg, allowing the LSF and the wider community to engage with cutting-edge research methods and results. 

Since the beginning of this academic year alone, the LSF has hosted scholars from the London School of Economics, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, the University of Chicago, Yale University, and more. Researchers presented on a broad range of topics, from understanding asset price movements and fund management to household finance issues and financial econometrics. 

Among the highlights of recent seminars, Eric Zwick (University of Chicago) presented his research on income inequality, unpacking whether the top 1 percent work for the money they make by linking 11 million firms to their owners through US income tax data. This work, only one example of many showing how big data can be used effectively in the discipline, is forthcoming in the Quarterly Journal of Economics.  

Research presented by Johannes Stroebel (NYU) during the seminar series went viral after it was picked up by the New York Times, where it became one of the most-read pieces at the time of publication, with more than 5,000 social media shares.
More generally, the research presented in the previous seminar series (2017-2018) has been published in leading journals, including all of the top five economic journals (the American Economic Review, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Econometrica, the Journal of Political Economy, the Review of Economic Studies), as well as all top finance journals, such as the Journal of Finance, the Review of Financial Studies, and the Journal of Financial Economics. The speakers who have presented their research at the LSF as part of the seminar series over the past four years have been cited more than 270,000 times combined, a clear indicator of the wide impact of their work in the scientific community.

We look forward to welcoming the final speaker of 2018, Lukas Schmid (Duke University) on 20 December. Already scheduled for the coming year are the following dates and speakers:

28 February: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh (Columbia University)
7 March: Snehal Banerjee (University of California, San Diego)
14 March: Elisabeth Kempf (University of Chicago)
21 March: Sascha Steffen (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)
4 April: Maria Bigoni (University of Bologna)
25 April: Hans Degryse (KU Leuven)
30 April: Svetlana Bryzgalova (London Business School)
7 May: Jeffrey Wurgler (New York University)
16 May: Antoinette Schoar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
21 May: Darrell Duffie (Stanford University)
23 May: Juliane Begenau (Stanford University)
13 June:  Tarun Ramadorai (Imperial College)
27 June: Gustavo Manso (University of California, Berkeley)
4 July: Moqi Groen-Xu (London School of Economics)

Information on topics and registration will be published in the LSF event calendar. To receive invitations to your inbox sign up here.