LCL Faculty

Joachim Arts


Nils Löhndorf

Associate Professor

Research interests: Decision making under uncertainty, inventory management, maintenance, asymptotics, stochastic models, optimisation

Research domains: After sales services, multi-tier supply chains, dual sourcing


Associate Professor

Research interests: Stochastic optimisation, simulation models, data science

Research domains: Energy trading, energy storage operation

Anne Lange


Benny Mantin

Associate Professor

Research interests: transportation networks, risk, supply chain finance

Research domains: Transportation, aviation, supply chain, service providers



Professor and LCL Director

Research interests: Supply chain management, dynamic pricing, revenue management, strategic consumers, empirical operations management, analytics

Research domains: Airline industry, inventory management, sustainable operations

Contributing Faculty members & Researchers of the University of Luxembourg

Francesco Viti


Associate Professor & chair holder, Transportation Engineering Lab at the Faculty of Science and Technology

Research interests: Transport policy & mobility analysis, traffic flow theory & control, intelligent transport systems, network modeling, travel demand estimation

Research domains: Civil engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, multidisciplinary, general & others



Doctoral students

Melvin Drent

Nicole Perez Becker

You Wu

Writes a thesis on 'Dual-sourcing strategies that create carbon efficient supply chains' supervised by prof. Joachim Arts.

Writes a thesis on 'Warehousing as a service: optimal space allocation, pricing, and information sharing policies' supervised by prof. Benny Mantin.

Writes a thesis on 'Revenue management in air cargo industry' supervised by prof. Anne Lange.

Post-doctoral students

Sarah Van Der Auweraer


Research interests: demand forecasting, inventory management, spare part management, maintenance


Administrative staff

Jackie Brown

Tjalda von Lilienfeld-Toal

Administrative Assistant

Outreach Officer 


Valérie Marx

Mélanie Winter

Marketing Officer

Study Programme Administrator