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NS, Dutch Railways, presenting at LCL Industry Seminar Series

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Conférencier : Bob Huisman, Manager Maintenance Research & Development at NS
Date de l'événement : mercredi 07 mars 2018 16:30 - 18:00
Lieu : Limpertsberg Campus
Bâtiment des Sciences
162A avenue de la Faïencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg

Creating a successful team for applied research, development and business innovation

It is a challenge for every organisation to enable future product and process innovations by research and development. A vision on technology and its business consequences helps to identify research topics, and to decide on the allocation of scarce resources. However, to execute a research and development plan one has to create a strong and motivated team within a network of researchers and professionals, each with their own interests. And to transfer the knowledge to the business the staff must be aware of the related problem, and eager to solve it. The presentation will tell the NS story of setting up a research and development program for maintenance technology and service logistics in railway industry. Special attention will be given to the cooperation between the company and universities.

About the speaker

Bob Huisman is a R&D manager at NS, the main train operating company in the Netherlands. He has background in mechanical engineering and computer science, and a few decades experience in industry. Bob has supervised approximately hundred bachelor, master and PhD students from different disciplines.

About the Seminar Series

The LCL Industry Seminar Series invites supply chain professionals to our campus to give a lecture on their expertise. It is an important recurrent event for our centre, in which new insights and ideas are shared and discussed within an open setting.

Some topics align closely with our current research directions, while others represent areas of interest to the supply chain community that are not formally being studied by our researchers. Diversity of topics is essential to meeting the purpose of the LCL Industry Seminar Series. Our goal is to provide a forum for interaction on themes related to supply chain among the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, industry practitioners and students at and around the University of Luxembourg. Even though the work and careers in academia and industry are quite different, it would be wrong to consider the fields of academic research and the business world as two separate silos. In fact, they are strongly interdependent. To be meaningful, the ultimate research goal, especially in a discipline like logistics and SCM, has to be the advancement and contribution to the growing success of businesses. This requires a good understanding of the practical challenges and thus a constant feedback loop between the two worlds. Moreover, solutions found by practitioners and researchers in one industry may spark the development of similar concepts and thus success stories in other industries as well.

The seminars are of particular interest to the professionals in the logistics and supply chain community. Students of our Master programme, faculty members and staff also attend the seminars. Registration is limited to 15 participants. Registration by email to