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Design of multi-component periodic maintenance programmes...

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Publié le jeudi 26 avril 2018

The manuscript of Prof. Joachim Arts and Prof. Rob Basten, has been accepted and posted in IISE Transactions.

Design of multi-component periodic maintenance programmes with single-component models


Assets usually need to go offline to perform maintenance, and such downs can be either scheduled or unscheduled.

Since different components in an asset have different maintenance policies, it is key to have a maintenance programme in place that coordinates the maintenance policies of all components, to minimise costs associated with maintenance and downtime.

Single-component maintenance policies have been developed for decades, but such policies do not usually allow coordination between different components  within an asset. We study a periodic maintenance policy and a condition-based maintenance policy in which the scheduled downs can be coordinated between components.

In both policies, we assume that at unscheduled downs, a minimal repair is performed to keep the unscheduled downtime as short as possible. Both policies can be evaluated exactly using renewal theory, and we show how these policies can be used as building blocks to design and optimise maintenance programs for multi-component assets.

As the flagship journal of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, IISE Transactions publishes original high-quality papers on a wide range of topics of interest to industrial engineers who want to remain current with the state-of-the-art technologies.

More about the authors:  Prof. Joachim Arts and Prof. Rob Basten.

Please read more on the IISE Transactions page.