Company Corner



While facilitating matchmaking between students and companies, we aim to meet the expectations of both parties.

It is important not to lose sight of the fact that internships represent a common interest between employers and interns. The needs of the company must match with the student’s career choice in order to guarantee a successful partnership and mutual professional commitment.

We will be happy to assist your company with the following:

  • Working with you to identify the types of placement and training which meet your requirements
  • Ensuring that your proposed internship complies with the current regulations.
  • Forwarding internship offers to interested and qualified students.


Your Benefits

Internships are completed at the end of the programme in last year of studies and, for most programmes, are the final academic requirement.  This means that most of our students will be available for hire upon completion of their internship.

If you are an employer seeking information, please visit our Internship page. You may also want to consult the Placement Calendar to see when students are available for internships.

Our internship programmes support employers’ needs to access leading-edge talent that fits the organisation’s vision while providing students the opportunity to use their theoretical knowledge and practical experience in an applied environment. 

Ready to hire interns?

  • The minimum period depends on the programme, varying from a minimum of four weeks to a maximum of 6 months (40 hours per week).
  • Most programmes do not require students to return to classroom studies upon the completion of their internship.
  • Students are placed into mentored internship positions with a supervisor.
  • Students work in a professional capacity while completing their academic responsibilities under the guidance of an academic tutor.
  • Host employers will offer an equitable salary in line with industry practices, and the student’s role and experience.
  • Host employers are required to sign an internship agreement, which includes the internship description.

What are the students paid?

Further to the introduction of the Law on internships of June 2019, employers are expected to review their budget and offer students a fair salary for the work that is required.  

Internships concluded pursuant to article L. 152-5. of the Labour Code and lasting equal or above four weeks of internship: the remuneration is based on 30% of the minimum social wage. 

What about insurance?

As they are enrolled at the University of Luxembourg, students are covered against workplace accidents by the insurance of the University.

What are the steps to follow?  

  1. Publish your advert - Once the students’ profile is analysed together with the Student Counsellor, the advert will be published to targeted students.
  2. Review Applications - Students are required to send their applications directly to employers. 
  3. Interview Students - Once you have screened the applications and selected the chosen applicants, you may contact the students directly for interviews.
  4. Make an Offer - Once the successful candidate is recruited, you may contact them directly with the offer. The host company and the intern must complete the “Demande Etablissement de Convention de Stage” form and submit it to the Student Counsellor for the establishment of an internship agreement.


Nadège Meyer-Hamy
Student Counsellor
Tel: (00352) 46 66 44 5201 or (00352) 46 66 44 6226


Employer and Students MEET 

At the Faculty, we actively search for opportunities to collaborate with businesses and organisations to build valuable and mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Tell students about your business: the Faculty helps you to organise presentations of your company, either in-person or virtually.
  • Organise an off-campus recruitment session to recruit candidates with specialised or unique skills.
  • Establish a scholarship program in your company’s name, boost your brand, and connect with the best students in a wide range of fields:
  • Raise your on-campus profile as an employer of choice: recognition among the student body and acknowledgement on the website.

If you are thinking about establishing a partnership with our Faculty, please contact Anne Dandeville, Team Leader for the Advancement Portfolio, for more information.