LCL Faculty

Joachim Arts


Cagil Kocyigit


Nils Löhndorf

Full Professor

Research interests: Decision making under uncertainty, inventory management, maintenance, asymptotics, stochastic models, optimisation

Research domains: After sales services, multi-tier supply chains, dual sourcing


Assistant Professor

Research interests: Optimization under uncertainty: distributionally robust optimization, stochastic and dynamic programming, online learning, game theory and mechanism design

Research domains: resource allocation, auction design, pricing, contract design


Associate Professor, DP Chair

Research interests: Stochastic optimisation, simulation models, data science

Research domains: Energy trading, energy storage operation






Benny Mantin





Full Professor, LCL Director

Research interests: Supply chain management, dynamic pricing, revenue management, strategic consumers, empirical operations management, analytics

Research domains: Airline industry, inventory management, sustainable operations





Contributing Faculty members & Researchers of the University of Luxembourg

Francesco Viti





Associate Professor & chair holder, Transportation Engineering Lab at the Faculty of Science and Technology
Research interests: Transport policy & mobility analysis, traffic flow theory & control, intelligent transport systems, network modeling, travel demand estimation
Research domains: Civil engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, multidisciplinary, general & others





Post-doctoral researchers

Matteo Cosmi


Farid Alavi


Sandria Weisshuhn

Is working on a multi-objective value chain optimization project in collaboration with a multinational chemical company, under the supervision of Prof. Joachim Arts.


is a postdoctoral researcher in operations research since October 2022. He works in the research group of prof. Nils Löhndorf.


Is working on a joint project with Cargolux that aims at accurately forecasting turnaround times for cargo airlines using a combination of econometric and machine learning models to improve the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of air cargo operations.

Doctoral researchers

Neeraj Kumar Podichetty Thribhuvan


Roozbeh Qorbanian


Seyyed Saber Mousavi Gargari

Is writing a thesis on “Reducing carbon emissions by increased collaborative vessel utilization” supervised by Prof. Anne Lange. 


Is writing a thesis on ‘Intelligent Algorithms for Raw Material Procurement' supervised by Prof. Nils Löhndorf.


Is a member of 3E DTU, and is writing a thesis on 'behavioral operations management using laboratory experiments.

Bonn Kleiford Seranilla


Junxia He



Poulad Moradi Shahmansouri

Is writing a thesis on ‘Multi-stage stochastic optimisation in operations management’ supervised by Prof. Nils Löhndorf.


Her current research focuses on revenue management in e-manufacturing industry, she is working on the project “right to repair” supervised by Prof. Benny Mantin.


Is writing a thesis on “Data-driven decision making to improve supply chain sustainability with minimal impact on operational and economic performance,” supervised by Prof. Joachim Arts. 

Tiffany-Thao Nguyen


Ranit Sinha


Nahid Javadinarab

Working on an EU Horizons project with SCK CEN about mapping and modelling the medical radioisotope supply chain under the supervision of prof. Joachim Arts.





 Is writing a thesis on stochastic modeling of "Eco-Efficient Closed Loop Supply Chain" under Carbon Emission and Take-back regulations supervised by Prof. Joachim Arts.




Nahid completed her M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.
She recently has joined to the LCL department of MIT Global SCALE Network as a full-time Ph.D. student.
She focuses on her Ph.D. Projects is in the area of Pricing Management and Revenue Optimization under the supervision of Prof. MANTIN .

Research scientist

Laura Palacios Argüello

Her research focuses on freight transportation, supply chain and logistics, urban logistics, distribution network design, food supply chain management and sustainability. 










Administrative staff

Jackie Brown

Eléonore Grâces


Personal Assistant

Administrative Assistant


Daria Pawlowska



Study Programme Administrator MLSCM