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Online Seminars & Roundtables

LCL Conversation Series

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed unprecedented impacts on global supply chains, mandating a thorough discussion and examination of existing practices and decisions which affect, directly and indirectly, each and every one of us. As the roll-out and distribution of vaccines across the globes gives us hope for the future, logistics and supply chain management have become a vital part of the fight against COVID-19. It is now more important than ever to ensure rapid, efficient and dependable distribution of goods. 

Join the LCL CONVERSATION — a series of online seminars hosted by the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management — for inspiring interactions with researchers and practitioners to brainstorm the future of logistics and supply chains.



Online seminars and Events (upcoming) 

Digital Supply Chain Roundtable Series

Digitisation, Industry 4.0, and Blockchains are among the emerging technologies that bear the potential of critically affecting these factors. In this series of roundtables, we will discuss, share, and outline ideas, strategies, experiences as well as research relating to the forthcoming transformational technologies.

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Metal additive manufacturing

  • How far may changes in supply chains reach?
  • What is the impact on vertical integration or outsourcing?
  • Is it necessary to increase intellectual property security?
  • What might be new roles in modern metal AM enhanced supply chains?

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LCL Additive manufacturing roundtable



Supply chain cybersecurity Roundtable

Is your supply chain resilient against cyber attacks?

Questions and issues addressed at this roundtable included:

  • What are best practices in supply chain cyber security?
  • How do companies prepare if customers or suppliers have been compromised?
  • How can companies make their supply chain more resilient against cyber outages?

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3D printing: Just an additional manufacturing method or a supply chain disruptor?

  • Will 3D printing replace transport as the major activity of 3PLs?
  • When is the best time for firms to start investing in this technology?
  • What is the role of supply chain management in managing the flow of information (designs) in a supply chain with 3D printed components?

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3D printing


29/11/2017, hosted by Goodyear

Same day delivery



How do customer expectations for same-day delivery and seamless shopping impact B2C logistics structures of the future?

With the connection of bricks-and-mortar shopping with online shopping, retailers and producers need to come up with new innovative network and distribution concepts.

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LCL same day delivery roundtable



Artificial intelligence: The rise of the machines (and the regulator)

The increasing prevalence of algorithms and their use in supply chains have been discussed.

Artificial intelligence, which utilises advanced techniques to recognise patterns and correlations among data, can advance supply chain management practices and apply to areas such as forecasting and demand planning, inventory management, and purchasing. The increasing sophistication of machine learning algorithms is also raising regulatory concerns, consider for example the recent Google antitrust ruling...

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Artificial intelligence roundtable


14/06/2017, hosted by Cargolux

Blockchain & supply chain management

  • What are the strategic implications of blockchain to your business?
  • What is the roadmap for blockchain-driven solutions?
  • What hurdles impede the adoption of such solutions?

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Blockchain LCL roundtable

More roundtables to be announced.


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