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Theory meets practice – LSCM students at Fanuc Europe 

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Publié le lundi 09 octobre 2017

On Friday, September 22nd, Andrea Scammacca, Head of European Supply Chain and his team at FANUC Europe have opened their doors to the University of Luxembourg. 

The visit had been arranged in regards to the new Masters programme in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, which was launched earlier this year in April. Together with his team, Andrea Scammacca gave the students a tour covering the European Headquarters in Echternach and the new and innovative Customisation and Distribution centre in Contern in order for them to peek behind the curtains of FANUC and of applied supply chain theories. While exploring the highlights of FANUC Europe from a supply chain perspective, Andrea Scammacca in particular introduced the essential aspects of the product planning method as well as the order promise process. 
“Smart students of today are potential leaders of tomorrow and FANUC Europe sees large potential in them to one day join the FANUC team,” states Andrea Scammacca.