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Supply chain finance for executives

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Publié le lundi 12 novembre 2018

The Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) offered an executive education programme dedicated to Supply Chain Financial Analysis.

Hosted on 8 and 9 November at Campus Limpertsberg, the workshop aimed at bridging the gap between finance and supply chain by demonstrating how supply chain actions affect key financial statements and showing how supply chain decisions can be translated into financial metrics.

Following the successful session of last academic year, the LCL and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA taught new students together again this year.

In interactive sessions using case studies and simulations, James B. Rice (MIT) introduced a framework on supply chain finance and shared his insights on using financial instruments for efficient supply chain management, different options and how they are used in the industry. He also explained the concept of activity-based costing and how this can be applied for better cost transparency and management along the supply chain.

Prof. Anne Lange (LCL) talked about supply chain finance. She also highlighted the role of supply chains in managing working capital and explored which key performance indicators can be used to optimise the cash conversion cycle.

Workshop participants came from a diverse range of backgrounds, with experience working for national and international logistics service providers, producing companies, consultancies as well as financial institutions.

The LCL executive education programmes aims to be not only a learning experience but also to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices.

Our students talk about their experience:


“The LCL Supply Chain Financial Analysis Workshop provided a fantastic opportunity for myself and other supply chain professionals to learn advanced financial theory and application in the field of Supply Chain Management. From re-aligning how we think about cost in the supply chain, to taking ownership of the cash conversion cycle, we acquired practical skills which we can apply to our daily jobs. The professors who guided us on this course were equal parts challenging and supporting to help us acquire our new knowledge. It was a pleasure to meet other supply chain professionals and hear their perspectives on the business and how they approach their myriad problems and issues. I look forward to joining other course offerings from the LCL in the future.”

Jason Conner, Continuous Improvement Manager - Integrated Logistics Kuehne + Nagel

Jason Conner

Kühne + Nagel

"The Supply Chain Financial Analysis workshop has served as an eye-opener for me and again showed how important it is to be aware of financial topics in the supply chain and above all to proactively communicate with financial departments. Within the education of the LCL / MIT I preferred the application-oriented structure, which made it easier to look beyond the financial statements, analyse and question them as well as develop appropriate solutions. For me, this lively, interactive workshop, with participants of various backgrounds, was a real value add, as it dealt with topics that are too often underestimated in our profession but can potentially lead to win-win situations for everyone involved."

Mathias Weinmann *Founder and Board member of Young Professionals for Logistics and Supply Chain Luxembourg

Mathias Weinmann


“I was very honoured to attend the SCFA workshop. The 2-day workshop is of high quality and intensity. The concepts presented during the programme have inspired me to view my current work from different perspectives. The professors are very dynamic and engage the students from the very beginning to the very end, despite the intensity of the course. The budgeting simulation session complements the theoretical part of the course very well - students work hands-on to better assimilate the theory learned.  If LCL organises other similar workshops in the future, I will be very willing to take part. I highly recommend the workshop to all who are looking to get to know about supply chain finance and cost analysis, because this workshop can not only equip you with the right knowledge, but it also provides good occasions to network with supply chain professionals and academics.”

Li Zhang – Project Manager at CFL Multimodal

Li Zhang

CFL Multimodal