Doctoral programme

The doctoral programme in operations management focuses on quantitative modeling and empirical methods.

Topics of interest include revenue management and pricing, inventory control, decision making over time under uncertainty.


Luxembourg Centre for Logistics & Supply Chain Management


Key information

Research at the LCL informed by or in collaboration with industry. We seek to advance the application and development of theory with impact in practice (through implementations) and in theory (through journal publications).




Phd student testimonial

"Doing a PhD at the LCL gives me the opportunity to interact with and learn from a small group of bright and well-respected professors. Not only do they teach me how to write and position high-quality research papers, they also made me understand that it is equally important to have a broad understanding of different OR/OM techniques, and to always stay curious and modest.

Apart from doing research and following challenging PhD courses, I am actively involved in some of the courses of our master program. This also gives me the opportunity to improve on my teaching skills. "

Melvin Drent is a doctoral student at the LCL since 2017.




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Career opportunities

Application & funding


Your profile

Since PhD candidates are employees of the University, applications run through the employment website of the University whenever there is a vacancy.

What we expect from doctoral candidates:

  • Master’s degree or 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Operations Research or related fields (e.g. Mathematics, (Industrial) Engineering, Business Administration with Operations Research minor)
  • Skills and knowledge in optimisation software (e.g. OPL/CPLEX), programming languages (e.g. C++, Java, Python) and/or Statistics software
  • Good command of both written and spoken English.




PhD candidates need to complete 20 ECTS of coursework. This is divided in 5 ECTS for transferable skills:

  • Scientific writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Project management

and 15 ECTS for discipline specific courses such as

  • Stochastic models for supply chain operations
  • Game theory in supply chain management
  • Decision making under uncertainty over time

The disciplinary courses may be complemented with relevant summer-schools and courses at different universities. Please also learn more about courses offered by the Doctoral School in Economics, Finance and Management.

Your role

The doctoral candidate

  • will prepare a doctoral thesis consisting of original and innovative research that is publishable in leading international journals. The primary thesis supervisor will be an LCL faculty member, but the LCL encourages the doctoral candidate to do joint research with international scholars.
  • will be enrolled in the Doctoral Programme in Operations Management and is required to complete 20 ECTS credits through course work at the University of Luxembourg and/or elsewhere.
  • will contribute to research projects of the centre. Some of these projects are carried out in collaboration with industry partners.
  • will have the opportunity to conduct an international research stay, eg on MIT campus, Cambridge.
  • will contribute to the teaching of classes (small group teachings and tutorials) ranging from one to three hours per week and/or supporting applied master theses.


Career opportunities

After successfully defending a PhD thesis, graduates can pursue a career in academia as a post-doctoral researcher and/or (tenure track) assistant professor.

Alternatively, graduates can apply their skills to improve operations as a practitioner in industry.

The LCL offers networking opportunities for both career paths through academic seminars and industry seminars.


Application & funding

The LCL opens PhD positions on a regular basis.


Required documents to apply

Applications should include the following:

  • A motivation letter
  • A detailed curriculum vitae
  • A grade transcript of prior higher education.
  • Copy of your master thesis. If your thesis is not in English, please provide an extended abstract of your thesis in English (3-4 pages)
  • The name of at least one reference (including the current position and relationship to the applicant)
  • A research statement that indicates the research problems that the applicant would like to work on (2-3 pages)


Doctoral candidates are funded by the University of Luxembourg. They are employees and get a salary and benefits.

When there is no open vacancy for PhD candidates, it is still possible to apply when applicants bring their own funding and research agenda.

Funding can come from an industry partner, funding agencies, or personal funds.

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) funds qualified and talented individuals through the AFR and your home country may have a similar funding agency and funding instrument.

If there is funding through in industry or private sponsor, please contact the faculty you wish to work with directly.

Questions regarding the PhD programme should be directed to Joachim Arts.


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