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European Media Days, Luxembourg

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Publié le lundi, 01 novembre 2010

The first edition of the European Media Days will take place in Luxembourg, on 18-19 November 2010.

This conference, organised by the Pierre Werner Institute (IPW) and the Centre National de l’Audiovisuel (CNA), has as its topic “The Internet as a Metamedium – The Great Challenge”. A large number of internationally renowned speakers will deal with the consequences the developments in the use of the medium internet next to or instead of the traditional media have on competitiveness, convergence and freedom of speech. In case studies the Luxembourgish perspective – especially on how the country’s significance as a European or even global Media hub can be continued in the future – will be reflected as well as the international approaches to the fundamental questions involved in the rise of Internet and Web 2.0.

The conference, which is set to be the beginning of a regular series, has two key features: it approaches the topic from several different angles including academics from social sciences, economics, law and media sciences and is not limited to a theoretical discussion of the topics but includes the consequences the development has and will have for the reality of (media) companies and users. The University of Luxembourg has been closely involved in the discussions on how to encompass the different viewpoints and it is planned that scholars from the different Faculties will – also in the future editions of the European Media Days – bring in their expertise. Concerning this year’s internet topic it will be Associate Professor Dr. Mark D. Cole of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, and he will be dealing with the question of how to regulate the media in the era of convergence: “Whether and how states can successfully transport their “old” media laws to new circumstances or at all regulate the globally accessible information on the internet is one of the pressing social questions of today. To “let the Internet loose” is not an option preferred or desirable, but to find the proper answers to the challenges is a hard nut to crack”. More on this and related questions will be dealt with at the European Media Days.

Participation at the conference is free and open to the public, students are especially invited to join the discussions. European Media Days will take place at the CNA in Dudelange from 18 November to 19 November. A detailed program can be found below with the possibility for registering and more information on the websites of the organizers IPW and CNA