Welcome Day FAQ

1.    What is the Welcome Day?

The Welcome Day is a corporate event organised by the University of Luxembourg for its students in order to celebrate the start of the academic year and offer guidance to new students.

2.    When and where will it take place?

The Welcome Day will take place on 14 September 2018 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Belval Campus - check out the map (PDF):

  • at the Maison du Savoir in the morning;
  • under the Blast furnace and its surroundings from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.



3.    Who is invited?

All University of Luxembourg ’students are invited to the BBQ and to the afternoon activities.

New students are invited to all morning and afternoon activities, and especially to:

  • Enjoy the Welcome breakfast;
  • Attend the official session;
  • Take the Welcome package;
  • Receive information at the information stands.

4.    To access Belval Campus

Here is how to get to Belval Campus.

5.    What is the Welcome Package?

This Welcome Package includes:

  • A fancy uni.lu bag;
  • uni.lu goodies (a pen, a notepad, post-it notes, post-cards);
  • Tickets for food and drinks at the Welcome BBQ;
  • Goodies/information brochures from our partners.

This Welcome Package is offered by the University of Luxembourg to all new students.

6.    Where and when will I receive the Welcome Package?

The Welcome Package will be distributed before and after the Welcome session (from 9:00 am to 10:00 am and from 11:00 am to 12:00 am) at the Maison du Savoir (level -1, at the main entrance of the Grand Auditoire).

For students who cannot attend the Welcome Day, the Welcome package will be available at the Office of Student Life (Maison du Savoir, "Administration" entrance, 5th floor) until October.

7.    Where can I pick up food and drink tickets for the BBQ?

For New students: in the Welcome Package distributed in the morning

For All students: At the Information stand under the Blast Furnace, distributed during the BBQ to students with a valid student card

8.    What will be the menu during the BBQ?

A wide variety of dishes and drinks will be available.

9.    Do I need to pay anything during this day?

All services and activities are free of charge!

10.    Do I need to register?

Your registration is compulsory for the BBQ and afternoon activities by 10 September.

11.    Photo & video disclaimer

Photographs & videos may be taken for personal use. During the event, the organiser will take pictures and record videos. By using their entrance tickets, guests authorise the University of Luxembourg to record and publish their image in photographic and video format for communications in relation to the event. The organiser undertakes to use this material responsibly, in other words for communications purposes only and not for commercial use.

12.    I need further information

Please send an email to welcomeday@uni.lu.


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