'The Singing Groove Tones'

All over the world, people engage in participatory music through dancing, singing, and playing an instrument. Communities come together in churches, fairs, and concerts to be part of such a participatory event, bringing people from all ages and music-skills together. The singing groove-tones is a choir based at the University of Luxembourg on the Campus Belval with the goal to increase the musical activities on Campus by creating a get-together where everyone can join.

There will be no auditions and the vocal ensemble, conducted by Ben Konen, is open to everybody on campus (students, teachers, PhD candidates, staff, etc.).

The ensemble will use Gospel songs, folk songs from Africa and the US, and modern pop-songs as their repertoire. In fact any music that has a certain groove to it, meaning music with a repeating pattern can be used as repertoire. Using groove-orientated music makes it easy to bring together musicians with different skills. In this kind of music, the importance lies not on the rich harmony requiring a higher level of singing skills, but on the up-lifting and repetitive melodies that bring joy to the participants.

Great examples of such participatory music events are drum circles in Africa or a marching band in New Orleans singing and playing “When the Saints go Marching in”.


  • When: ... rehearsals on Thursdays ... starting March 2020 | 12:00-2:00pm
  • Where: ... | ... | ...