Great Poets Society

… is a multicultural University theater ensemble bringing great literature on stage. It welcomes motivated and passionate actors and artists of all ages.

The Ensemble will also do a film.

We are always happy about Newcomers (even unexperienced) who want to act, write, sing or play an instrument, or who want to help out with make up, costumes, stage design, requisits, directing assistance and much more.


The Ensemble:

Natalie Werle is directing the Ensemble with a big passionate. She studied Germanistik at the University of Luxembourg and went to Berlin to become a theater therapist and a theater pedagogue. She did a lot of directing assistance at the Theater of Esch and at the TNL (Théâtre National de Luxembourg). She has done theater productions since 2014, such as „Lessing Reloaded“ (a mix of his works), „Die Zoogeschichte“ by Albee, „Vampires“ (a self-written production), „Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof-Zoo“ by Christiane F., „Betty Blue“ by Djian and shown them not only at the Theater of Esch, but also as a Dinner Theater play at the Hotel Bel-Air of Echternach, at the amphittheater Mullerthal and on the theatership of Saarbrücken.

Jan Thoemel is an aerospace researcher at Interdisclinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust. He teaches and investigates innovative, highly miniaturized satellite technologies to observe the Earth. He joined the Great Poets Society for a small role after several other small engagements with amateur acting groups in Brussels and Luxembourg. Acting provides him with an important other perspective in today's societal life. Besides, the experience in role play, verbal and non-verbal communication make him a better teacher.

Daniel Siemsgl: with his engagement for the Great Poets Society, Daniel is following the footsteps of his grandparents who performed on rural stages at the German North Sea. Acting has been a long kept desire which he hasn’t followed until entering a new life chapter and starting a first serious job. This is why you might find Daniel rethinking landscape and towns in the French-Luxembourgian border region whenever he is not enacting Swiss cheese, Courage’s second-born son, or following some of his outdoor related hobbies.

Philip Dutton is a retired IT professional who now fills his days with theater and music related activities. He is  recent member of the group and came in specifically to play the “The Cook” in Mother Courage (a part for an older actor). Whilst he is delighted to appear on stage in a straight acting role, it is something of a departure for him since he is more commonly seen conducting the orchestra for musical theater productions or working with singers. For Mother Courage, Philip has also found himself building the cart (so important in this play that it is almost a character itself) as well as looking after sound effects and projections.

Valerie Scott is happily retired after working for many years for The Open University (British) as Country Manager for Luxembourg and Belgium.  Over the past 20+ years she has spent much of her free time singing - in a choir or onstage in a show, acting or being Stage Manager, Producer or general dogsbody!  She joined the Great Poets Society three years ago and is delighted to be in their production of Mother Courage and her Children and to play the role of Mother Courage - it's a great role and has lots and lots of lines to learn! 

Jessica Lagoda has always been interested in acting. A few years ago she finally dared to take part in a theater play. Since then she has been part of several different movie and theatre productions. One day a friend of hers introduced her to the Great Poets Society. Their projects seemed very interesting, so she decided to join them. She was very kindly received and always has great pleasure working with them.

Agnes Darabos is a PhD student who is fascinated by arts, music, literature, and theater. When it comes to writing, she enjoys poetry. She became a member of Great Poets Society in 2016 and has stayed on ever since, as she has found, not only a place where she can use her creative energy, but also great friends. Her passion for theater has been growing throughout the years. What she enjoys the most in working with Great Poets Society is the group itself — a group of supportive and open-minded people who taught her a lot about acting and helped her discover her own potential to develop a confident presence on stage.

Aymeric d'Herouel has been both on and off stage for a while. An avid fan of the Theater of the Absurd, he secretly dreams to one day meet a rhinoceros in the mirror while claiming the moon. When off stage, he pushes buttons on a diverse range of instruments and life forms at the University of Luxembourg, finding everlasting inspiration to do so in Chaplin's depiction of Modern Times.

Natalia Sanchez is a drama teacher and master in learning and development in multilingual and multicultural contexts. She comes from Chile and has lived in Luxembourg since 2008. She teaches theater at the University of Luxembourg, in the Master program "Theaterwissenschaft und Interkulturalität” and in different high-schools of Luxembourg.Her artistic experience began in Chile in 2000, after winning the award FONDART (Fondo nacional de las Artes) for creating and producing theater and music. From this year until 2007, she directed and produced in Chile a total of 5 award-winning art projects, focused in music and theater. "During these experiences, I discovered my potential as interpreter and creator, so I decided to study theater and pedagogy to reach another level of expertise, knowledge and awareness”. During the last years she continues her work as drama teacher, but also as creator and director of theater plays. She has also dabbled in the art of staged photography, in which combines drama, theater make-up and conceptual portraits. Her latest projects are dedicated to the Musée national d'histoire de l'art Luxembourg and to produce different historical performances.



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