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Printemps des poètes - Poetry Contest


Multilingual Contest ‘Jeune Printemps’  The Luxembourg Poets Spring Festival, with headquarters at the Neumünster Abbey, is a poetry competition for high school and university students entitled „Concours Jeune Printemps“.

Any student from the University of Luxembourg is invited to compete, either as part of his study curriculum or personally. The contest is divided into four categories: 1st category: 11-14 years old // 2nd category: 15 years old and over // 3rd category: academics (students and PhD students) // 4th category: poésie passion/all ages.

The poems must be written in one of the three official languages used in the country (Luxembourgish, French, German) or in another language (English, Portuguese, Italian), with a rough translation into one of the three official languages. Each participant is invited to send a maximum of three poems. Poems can be written in verses or prose.



Theme 2022: not yet available


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