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Last update: 14 January 2022

Remote work

Where can I find information on working and teaching remotely?

Visit our website

Information and guidance concerning HR topics, such as leave, benefits, recruitment) can be found in the intranet (accessible via VPN). If you are not able to access the intranet please contact

I wish to work remotely. What do I need to do?

The request must be submitted via SAP Fiori > My Leave Requests, selecting the category “COVID-19-Remote work” and detailing your country of work.

You are expected to follow and comply with the guidelines on the intranet (accessible via VPN).

I am an external (e.g. visiting researcher, consultant), an intern or a student. Can I work remotely? How can I declare it?

Externals are allowed to work remotely if agreed upon with the University supervisor and if applicable according to their employer’s terms and conditions. However, they need to comply with the University’s remote work guidelines.

Interns or, students with working contracts, and externals need to send their University supervisor’s approval to 


Can I still use the COVID-19 related leaves?

The Luxembourgish government has extended the leave for family reasons which applies in the event of the total or partial closure of schools or childcare facilities in order to fight against the spread of COVID-19, until 18 December 2021. Staff members requiring this type of leave are advised to discuss possible options with their line manager. 

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Covidcheck in the workplace

What does Covidcheck 3G in the workplace mean?

Every employee must be able to present a valid Covidcheck 3G certificate to access the workplace. The employer has the obligation to check that staff who access the workplace have a valid Covidcheck 3G certificate. Staff without a valid Covidcheck certificate cannot access the workplace.

The employer also has the obligation to check that the identity of the bearer matches the Covidcheck certificate. Covidcheck and ID control can be delegated to employees or to external service providers.

What is a valid Covidcheck certificate?

It comes in the form of a QR code (digital or on paper). It certifies that a person

  • Is fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or
  • have recovered from COVID-19 or
  • have a certified negative test result.

Persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons must present a medical certificate to that effect AND present a certified negative test respectively perform a negative lateral flow test (self-test) on the spot.

Do I pass the Covidcheck 3G if I have had only 2 vaccination doses?

Yes, for the Covidcheck 3G in Luxembourg you do not need to have the booster dose. 

Will the University pay for the tests?

No. The tests that persons need to pass a Covidcheck if they are not vaccinated or not recovered from a Covid-19 infection are at their own expense. The responsibility for providing and paying for a test lies with the employee.

For the purposes of Covidcheck at work, the University will only make available lateral flow tests to be performed on the spot by persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. These persons must present a medical certificate to that effect.

Who is concerned or not concerned by Covidcheck 3G at the University?

People concerned by Covidcheck 3G at work at the University are:

  • All staff under contract
  • Adjunct faculty (Vacataires), guest professors and visiting professors, all adjunct professors, researchers
  • Consultants
  • Third-party service providers (cleaning service, maintenance…)
  • Students employed by the University
  • All external visitors

People who are not concerned by Covidcheck 3G at work at the University are:

Students who are attending classes and in-person exams. For students employed by the University on University premises, 3G applies however.

Is there any exception to the Covidcheck 3G obligation?


When does the new Covidcheck 3G regulation in the workplace come into force?

The new measures in the workplace come into force on 15 January 2022.

How does Covidcheck 3G work at the University?

To support Covidcheck controls, people traffic will be channeled through main entrances of the University buildings. After presentation of a Covidcheck certificate your work badge will be activated by the security personnel and you will gain access to your workplace. Please be prepared to show personal identification.

What about the alternative fast lane option?

To speed up the Covidcheck process, the University offers each fully vaccinated and recovered staff member the opportunity to add their names to a list of vaccinated and recovered persons. For those employees, the access to their office will be much easier and faster as they will not have to undergo a frequent activation of their access badges at the receptions.

Staff members can sign up to the list by sending an email to, and attaching a pdf version of their Covidcheck certificate with QR code (“EU Digital COVID certificate”) to the request. By doing so, you formally consent that your personal information will be used for the sole purpose of the Covidcheck regime. Your data will be treated confidentially and you can unsubscribe from the list at any time. 

How is the Covidcheck handled in practice?

All badges of staff members will be deactivated.

Access points to the University buildings will be organised in lanes for “registered” and for “non-registered” persons. Persons who have subscribed to the list for the simplified fast lane procedure will have their badges reactivated without further formality and can pass the Covidcheck control points via the “registered” lane.

This applies to all buildings except Kirchberg (main building) and Limpertsberg (Bâtiment des Sciences) where for technical reasons all members of staff without exception will have to swipe their access card on a dedicated reader for the entire period of the Covidcheck.

Persons who have not subscribed to the list for the simplified fast lane procedure will be asked to use the lane for “non-registered” persons to have their access badge reactivated by the security guards at the receptions. The badges will be reactivated for the duration of the validity of the Covidcheck certificate of the person (24 hours for certified antigen tests, 48 hours for PCR tests). For the reactivation to occur, individuals will have to exhibit the full document of their certificate (with type and date, not only a bare QR code). 

What if I refuse to show my certificate in full? 

Persons who display a valid QR code but refuse to show their certificate will have their certificate reactivated for 24 hours only.

Does the University have a right to information about the vaccination, recovery or test status of a person?

The employer has the obligation to check the Covidcheck certificates of staff members and visitors at the premises. The certificate is a QR code that will read green (valid) or red (not valid), but will in itself not inform on the vaccination, recovery or test status of a person.

To ease access control under Covidcheck, the employer can establish a list of vaccinated or recovered staff members. Staff members must volunteer to be on this list and can decide to withdraw from the list at any moment. The list can only consist of names of persons and the expiry date of their Covidcheck certificates. The list must be destroyed when the law expires. This list is only intended to facilitate access control to the University.

Will the University store my CovidCheck certificate data at the checkpoint?

No. The University will read the Covidcheck certificate, and if it is green, you gain access to the workplace, and if it is red you cannot.

Who monitors compliance with the Covidcheck 3G regulation at the University?

Security agents at the receptions.

Do I have an obligation to disclose my Covidcheck status to enter the workplace?

Yes. You cannot have access to the University premises if you do not disclose a valid Covidcheck QR code.

How is Covidcheck implemented at the LLC?

Covidcheck 3G is mandatory for the staff of the LLC. There is no Covidcheck for the users of the facility.

What if an employee does not have a valid Covidcheck certificate?

In such a scenario, employees have several options:

  • Take vacation days or flextime (to be agreed with the supervisor)
  • Take unpaid leave. In this case, please contact HR4U (ext. 9999 or

The University’s remote work policy does not change. The University currently recommends to work from home three days a week (details to be agreed with the supervisor); the other two days, however, must be worked on site.

What if an employee refuses to show their Covidcheck certificate?

Employees who refuse to show a Covidcheck certificate will not be able to access the workplace.

What about vulnerable people?

Vulnerable people enjoy no particular status as far as Covidcheck is concerned.

What happens if I cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons? Can I access the workplace?

Please refer to the question "What is a valid Covidcheck certificate?"

Are masks still to be worn in addition to the 3G rule?

Yes, there is no change with regards to mask wearing at the University. Please refer to the guidelines on masks.

What kinds of tests are accepted?

Only negative PCR and certified antigen tests are accepted to pass the Covidcheck. Following the test, an official Covidcheck certificate with the result must be issued by a certified authority (doctors, health professionals, pharmacists). The certificate includes the signature of the health professional, the logo of the Health Directorate and the QR code that allows to check the authenticity and validity of the certificate. If negative, it is valid as a proof required for Covidcheck 3G at work.

Non-certified rapid tests (antigen self-tests) carried out at home do not meet the legal requirements.

For how long are different types of certified tests valid?

Certified antigen tests are valid for a maximum of 24 hours. PCR tests are valid for a maximum of 48 hours.

Is testing possible during working hours?

A test for COVID-19 is to be carried out outside working hours as a matter of principle. No special leave is foreseen for employees who need to be regularly tested.

Will visitors have to undergo Covidcheck when entering the University?


Will students have to undergo Covidcheck when entering the University?

No, unless they are also employees of the University.