Frequently asked questions

Last update: 19 November 2021

Teaching and learning

Do the same course requirements remain even if I am excused from in-person attendance?

Students who are excused from in-person attendance must comply with all the course requirements and participate in exams.

Can I be granted an absence justifiée (ABS-J) for a course I cannot attend during the winter semester 2021/22?

An ABS-J is not granted automatically to students who do not attend a course during the winter semester 2021/22. An ABS-J can be granted in the case of the course lecturer falling ill and the course being interrupted. The students affected can be offered to enrol in alternative courses if possible.

Where can I find more information on remote teaching and learning ?

Visit our website

How can I access books and documents from the library?

Please refer to the guidelines and the LLC webpages.

I am a student and I do not have suitable technology to participate in remote classes. What should I do?

The University acknowledges that some students do not have good internet access and that some are not able to buy suitable technology. The Luxembourg Learning Centre The Luxembourg Learning Centre offers access to computers, and allows students to borrow laptops if needed.

Further information and opening hours can be found on the LLC website.

You may also find additional information about financial assistance to acquire a laptop via uMatter.

Are Covidcheck and COVID-19 testing applied for in-person teaching?

Covidcheck is not currently being used in teaching at the University.

It is recommended that students perform a quick self-test at least once a week if they follow in-person teaching activities on campus. Test kits are made available to students; distribution is handled through the receptions.

Why do students need to continue wearing masks in the classroom?

The University does not have the right to enquire about the vaccination status of  students. Wearing masks is the best way to protect students and teachers in an enclosed room when social distancing cannot always be ensured.