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Last update: 13 July 2022

I suspect I have a COVID-19 infection or I have already tested positive for COVID-19 and I am living in a student residence. What should I do?

Please refer to the guidelines.

In addition we ask you to:

  1. Stay in your room. During the time of self-isolation, you cannot have visitors or other persons stay with you. The aim is to prevent infected people - who are contagious - passing the infection on to anyone else.
  2. Do not use the shared kitchen.
  3. Please check with your roommates via social media or any other communication channels if someone can go grocery shopping for you and provide you with the essentials. All purchases should be left outside in front of your room, personal contact should be avoided.
  4. If you share your bathroom, please clean it thoroughly after each use with a normal detergent (shower, washbasin, toilet)

Are there additional support options for students with financial difficulties?

Students in a particularly precarious situation also have the possibility to apply for support from the University's hardship fund.

Each application to this hardship fund will be assessed individually against a set of criteria, and grants are made based on the evidence provided, within the limits of available funding.

Further information on the requirements and application procedure

I will return to my residence / I am a new resident starting my stay. Are there any precaution measures I need to take?

No particular precautionary measures are in place. If you feel unwell, we recommend to consult a doctor and avoid large gatherings of people. Observe the health and safety rules and the rules applying to residences. 

If I am asked to be self-isolated can I do this together with another person who has to self-isolate?

No. Persons who have tested positive or who are suspected to have been in close contact with a positive person must isolate alone. 

I live in a student residence. Can I have visitors / can people stay with me while I am in isolation or quarantine?

  • If a tenant is positive and is in isolation, he/she can have no visitors.
  • If a tenant is a suspected close contact and in official quarantine or in self-isolation, he/she can have no visitors. The aim is to prevent infected people - who are contagious - passing the infection on to anyone else.