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Launch of the C²DH Lecture Series

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Publié le mercredi 16 janvier 2019

On 30 January, the C²DH will launch its FNR-funded lecture series called 'New Horizons: Confronting the Digital Turn in the Humanities'.

As a result of the so-called digital turn the humanities are currently in a process of rapid transformation, with consequences that reach far beyond the confines of academia. This lecture series explores how the digital turn is changing research, teaching and dissemination in the humanities. At the same time, the series will historicise and contextualise this process. Amid far-going claims of shifting research paradigms and a possible scientification of humanities research it is more urgent than ever to cast a critical eye on the continuities as well as discontinuities that new technologies bring, in order to avoid techno-scientific essentialism. How exactly are the humanities being transformed as a result of the digital turn? To what extent can we speak of hybridity as the new normal; a situation where most humanists combine traditional/analogue and new/digital research practices?

The programme has been developed to address three interconnected issues relating to the digital turn in the humanities:

  • Transformations : How has the digital turn transformed the humanities in recent years? What affordances has it brought?
  • Practices : Case studies: how are humanities research practices changing as a result of the digital turn?
  • Genealogies : What is the ‘pre-history’ of digital humanities? How did we arrive here?


Please refer to the C²DH website for the latest version of the programme 2019-2020.