Dear Alumni Network,

Let me extend a warm congratulation to all our graduates!

The University of Luxembourg is proud of its alumni and we look forward to hearing from you in years to come. Just because your studies with us may be over does not mean that your relationship with the University has to come to an end, too.

Building an international, connected and sustainable network to accompany our students and alumni throughout their student and professional lives, promoting our study programmes and helping the University of Luxembourg build its international reputation and influence – that is our goal.

The University of Luxembourg’s alumni network is only at its beginning, giving you the chance to actively shape and be a part of the process. We welcome your insights and support.

As a member of the University of Luxembourg alumni network, you will continue to have access to valuable tools and resources designed to help you create opportunities and achieve success through networking, career services and lifelong learning initiatives.

We invite you to join our “Alumni – University of Luxembourg” LinkedIn group and update your credentials to keep in touch.

We wish you a successful road ahead. Wherever it may lead you, the University of Luxembourg will take great pride in your personal and professional achievements.

With best regards,

Alumni Relations Officer


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