SnT Headquarters

JFK Building 
University of Luxembourg 
Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
29, Avenue J.F Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg










Other sites

Campus Belval

University of Luxembourg
Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
Maison du Nombre
6, avenue de la Fonte
L-4364 Esch-sur-Alzette 













Note that 

  • the administrative team, the SiGCom Research Group, the SVV Research Group, the SEDAN Research Group, the SerVaL Research Group and the Automation & Robotics Research Group are located in the JFK Building
  • the NetLab Research Group, the CritiX Research Group, the APSIA Research Group and the CryptoLux Research Group are located on the Campus Belval




How to access JFK and Campus Kirchberg?


How to access Campus Belval?

(A detailed map of the JFK site is available here and below).

By Car

Click on the map above above for route information.
Free parking spaces are available for visitors in the underground parking. Outdoor parking areas and underground car parks are available in the streets nearby.

By Bus

  • Bus line 16: Howald / Cité Um Schlass - Aéroport (EUROBUS) - Get off at 'Coudenhove-Kalergi'
  • Bus line 18: Kockelscheuer/patinoire - Kirchberg/Luxexpo

More information on all the public bus lines of the City of Luxembourg.

By Train, 'Luxembourg, Gare Centrale' Train Stop

Get information on train schedules on the CFL’s website.
You can access Kirchberg directly from the central train station (Gare Centrale) by bus.

> Need to find your route using public transport?

Check out's online public transport route planner.


Click here for a map and directions. The NetLab, CritiX, APSIA and CryptoLux Research Groups can be found on the second floor of the Maison du Nombre.

By intercampus shuttle

Find all the timetables and updates for the University intercampus shuttle service.

By Bus

The following bus lines (in French) are servicing several stops on Belval Campus:

  • TICE Ligne 1: Esch - Belvaux - Lamadeleine;
  • TICE Ligne 2: Esch - Soleuvre - Differdange;
  • TICE Ligne 3: Esch - Belval - Bascharage - Niederedingen;
  • TICE Ligne 4: Belval - Esch - Schifflange - Kayl - Dudelange;
  • TICE Ligne 7: Belval - Esch - Lallange - ZARE;
  • TICE Ligne 15: Esch - Belval - Bascharage - Clemency;
  • RGTR Ligne 202: Luxembourg - Belvaux - Obercorn;
  • RGTR Ligne 203: Luxembourg - Soleuvre - Differdange;
  • RGTR Ligne 321: Luxembourg - Esch/Alzette - Villerupt (F);
  • RGTR Ligne 322: Esch - Rédange (F);
  • RGTR Ligne 325: Kirchberg - Hussigny (F);
  • RGTR Ligne transfrontalière 306: Trier (D) - Cloche d’Or - Belval;
  • RGTR Ligne transfrontalière 309: Perl (D) - Frisange - Belval.

By Train, "Belval-Université" Train Stop

Trains departing every 15 minutes from Luxembourg Central Station are direct to "Belval-Université" - line is connection-free via Esch-sur-Alzette. Get information on train schedules on the CFL’s website.

When on site, access to buildings is easy on foot.

By Bicycle & on Foot

bicycle path runs south of Belval Campus and many pedestrian areas have been developed between main streets. Bicycle parking facilities area available across campus. Bicycle shelters are available at the "Belval-Université" train station.

For a map of Campus Belval, please click here.


JFK Sitemap (click for PDF)