The activities carried out by the University of Luxembourg's Robert Schuman Institute of European Affairs are coordinated by the Faculty of Law, Economics and finance, and the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education.

Upcoming Events :


  • 31.03.2017: Current Issues in EU External Relations - Workshops of Prof. E. Neframi  
                         (Due to limited entries, please register via Eventbrite)  

Invitation and Programme:


  • 31.03.2017: Seminar of Prof. Kenneth Dyson: On the uses and abuses of tradition in political economy.
                         The Case of Ordo-liberalism, the German Economy, and the Euro.

Please find detail seminar description here:

  • 25-26.04.2017: Workshops of Prof. H.Hofmann in European Parliament
  • 25-26.04.2017: Europe and reformation: Religion, Politics and Society. (Prof. Dr. Lukas.K.Sosoe)
  • 19.05.2017: Workshops of Prof. E. Neframi - continuation
  • 29.05.2017: Workshops of Prof. E. Neframi - continuation
  • 27-28.06.2017: Conference: International dimension of EU agencies or agency-like bodies. (Prof. H.Hofmann)

The Academic Research Network on Agencification of EU Executive Governance (TARN) aims to promote multi- and interdisciplinary research about the agencification of EU executive governance and to encourage a dialogue between academia and practitioners.                                  On 27-28 June 2017 TARN organises a conference at the Université de Luxembourg for which it launches the present call for papers here:


  • 21-22.09.2017: Conference and workshops: The metamorphosis of the European Economic Constitution. (Prof. H.Hofmann)

The conference aims to be a forum of discussion and exchange of ideas about the theoretical framework of the transformations in terms of shift of powers and competences (in Day/Part I) as well as of the challenges and consequences for the understanding of the concepts (in Day/Part II). Overall, the conference will explore how the transformations of the European Economic Constitution of the past years have changed EU public law, modes of government and governance. [More...]


Passed Events :


  • 23-25.03.2017: Conference: The Informal Construction of Europe.
                             13th History of European Integration Research Society (HEIRS)

European integration is more than a sequence of treaties: today’s European Union has been shaped to a significant extent through informal exchanges and procedures. This year’s HEIRS Conference shaded light on these informal aspects in the construction of Europe, with a focus on individual actors as well as institutions and organisations.

  • 22.03.2017: Event/Conference:  Maastricht & Architects  

Moderated by Andreas Fickers, Director of C2DH and introduced by Yuriko Backes, Head of the European Commission Representation in Luxembourg, this conference presented a historical evocation of the Maastricht process by a privileged actor, Jean-Jacques Kasel, and a reflection on the alchemy of the euro through the Architects of the Euro research project. Intellectuals in the making of the European Monetary Union, led by Kenneth Dyson (Cardiff University / British Academy) and Ivo Maes (National Bank of Belgium / Catholic University of Louvain), together with two authors, Elena Danescu and David Howarth from University of Luxembourg.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  • 09.02.2017: Workshops: European Union Diplomacy. From Dream to Reality. (Prof. E. Neframi) 
  • 12.01.2017: Robert Schuman House hosts a meeting of Angela Merkel and Xavier Bettel

On Thursday January 12th the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, hosted the German Chancelor Angela Merkel at the seat of the Robert Schuman Institute for a working meeting. The Maison Robert Schuman is the birthplace of Robert Schuman and is a historic venue fitting for the discussion of matters of relevance to European affairs by academics and governments alike. For more information on the event clic here: (THE WEBINFO OF THE UNI-LU).

  • Dinner of External Fellows (Prof. Dr Herwig Hofmann and President of University of Luxembourg - Prof. Rainer Klump)

On January 12th, the Robert Schuman Institute held its first Fellows Dinner at which the President of the University of Luxembourg Professor Reiner Klump was present himself as to greet the new Fellows and give a welcome address. At the event in the Cercle Munster, Fellows had the chance to meet each other in person and exchange views and research plans for this new year. The programme of the institute for 2017 is regularly updated on the web. The Fellows of the Robert Schuman Institute are a distinguished group academics and professionals active in Luxembourg and around the world. For more information on the Fellows of the Institute please consult here.

  • 16.12.2016: Lectures and discussions: L'Europe en mutation. Populations, intégration économique, société et gouvernance. 
                        (Prof. T. Grobois Université Louvain, Belgique)  












































  • 07.12.2016: Workshop: Aging population (Prof. A. Irmen)
  • 24.10.2016: Book publishing: State aid, Law of the European Union. (Prof. Dr. Herwig Hofmann, Dr. Claire Micheaux)
  • 13.10.2016: The Future of the Europe (Prof. Paul De Grauwe, London School of Economics)
  • 03.10.2016: Roundtable: Banking Union: Quo Vadis? (Prof. Dr. David Howarth)
  • 26/27.05.2016: Workshop: Aging, Culture and Comparative Development. (Prof. A. Irmen)

This workshop is organized by Prof. Dr. Andreas Irmen (CREA Research Unit).

Population aging is a worldwide phenomenon. Over the next 50 years, the median age of the global population will rise to 36.2 years, the old-age dependency ratio for Europe will be close to 1/2 in 2050, implying significant changes in the population age distribution.  Thus, a thorough understanding of the channels through which ageing affects societies is critical.  The workshop emphasizes novel channels associated with the phenomenon of aging such as the channel of culture.

In addition, it will address several question related to the comparative development of countries.  What are the forces behind the differential economic and demographic development?  Why have some countries developed so much earlier while others remain trapped in poverty?  What are the proximate and ultimate determinants of long-run economic development?

  • 23.05.2016 : Workshop : Special Edition on Supranational Institution Activism in the EU.

This Workshop is organized by Prof. Dr. David Howarth (IPSE Research Unit and Institute of Political Science). 
For more information, please refer to the attached program.

  • 11.04.2016 : Opening of the Robert Schuman Institute of European Affairs
                          at the University of Luxembourg's Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

To mark the official inauguration of the new interfaculty Robert Schuman Institute of European Affairs, the President of the Court of Justice      of the European Union, Professor Koen Lenaerts, spoke on "the Court of Justice in a changing world".The President of the University of Luxembourg, Professor Rainer Klump, introduced briefly the Institute, its mission, its research and its fellows-programme.


Members of IRS, Ch. Schiltz, S. Braum



S. Braum, M. Jaeger, R. Klump



H. Hofmann, R. Leboutte












K. Lenaerts



 R. Leboutte, H. Hofmann, K. Lenaerts



 K. Lenaert, B. Mihaescu











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  • 11.03.2016 : The Future of a United Kingdom in the European Union.

This Workshop was organised by Prof. Dr. H. Hofmann (RUL, Research Unit in Law).  It examined the consequences of the European Council agreement for the UK's future relationship with the EU.  It also looked at the broader questions raised by the conclusions of the European Council for the nature of Union law and Luxembourg. 

  • 07.12.2015 : Public round table on Saving the euro and saving Greece.

Round table organised by Prof. Dr. D. Howarth (IPSE, Research Unit and Institute of Political Science).

What is the current state of play with regard to Greece and the euro area.